Lyrics From the Album "Worth Imagining"

Track List:

1- Bad Days 2- Trade Winds 3- High & On Empty 4- A Little Time 5- Lighthouse 6- Last Plea 7- Have it That Way 8- Time & Again 9- My Friend 10- Sunday Morning

1- Bad Days

Locomotive running hard and shaking up the street

I wish I had a pillow now and one more for my feet

I can’t see the sky it’s black and someone stole the stars

Tried walking on the beaches and left my prints in tar



It’s raining down upon us now like never before

You put one back behind you turn around and there’s one more

I’m too wise to say “why me?”... Been to that rodeo

And it wouldn’t hurt a single bit to see these bad days go


Don’t feed the beast in fact don’t look back it’s not there

But late-night mice run in my mind it’s now beyond repair

Count the good it far out-weighs At times that’s not enough

I aim for the fairways girl and end up in the rough (Chorus)


My bud’s a bust they caught him on the run inside his home

My girl’s a visionary... but then visionaries roam

My car’s got fuel and new rims but someone took the wheel

I may beg and borrow but my sister likes to steal (Chorus)


I tried to cut the phone lines babe but still there was e-mail

My hatchet kissed the cable and my boot heel met the snail

The waters rising steady we no longer see our turf

It’s sink or swim or breathe or die or drown here in the surf (Chorus)


2- Trade Winds

Too many things are changing fast

Just like the trade winds

The old dog’s gone and so is Ma

And it’s hard to lose a friend

It seems my lucky dice are frozen

Trapped inside mid-air

There’s a faint fine line

Between outlook and despair


I’m not sure just how you do it

But sweet music saves my mind

It can keep you cool in the summer sun

And warm in winter time 

But like so many other things

We forget to know

And once you think you lost it...



Trade winds blow below the hemisphere

And deal’s going down right now my dear

I can’t count the times I’ve been down

Can you feel the trade winds coming ‘round?


Too many things are spinning out

Spinning out of control

Seems we always buy in bunches babe

Then have to pay for what we owe 

When trade winds blow

Ships leave to make their trades

While the rest of us are waking up

With the choices we made


Trade winds blow below the hemisphere

And deal’s going down right now my dear...

I can’t count the times I’ve been down

Can you feel the trade winds coming ‘round?


3- High & On Empty

It was written on the wall

In invisible ink

Trying not to fall

But it gets slippery on the brink

Can anything be done?

Maybe a magic pill to take

Are we having fun?

Are you still awake?


Another tipsy turn

Left rubber on the road

You’d a thought you learned

But nobody knows another’s load

Too many bones in there

Someone’s try and kill the light

We need fresh air

And the sky is white



Flying high and on empty

Someone better bring it down slow, slow

Flying blind and on empty

Haven’t landed since a long time ago


Now that you are gone

And the clouds has cleared

You never know the trip you’re on

Until it disappears

Your dreams were what you wanted

And that’s all you’d let us see

Now those dreams are haunted

I think they’re chasing me (chorus)


So away you go

On a warm spring wind

Next time around skip skid row

You’ve already been

The morning bird’s awoken

Hear her when she sings

Not a word is spoken

It’s worth imagining (chorus)


Now everything has changed

And that’s the way it goes

You know it feels so strange

The rush and chill cuts right down to your toes

That warm spring wind blew quiet

Took you on your way

Like a half-stoned pirate

On the rolling bay (chorus)


4- A Little Time

It was written so fine you read every line

I need a little time

Now you’re down on your knees like you have a disease

You need a little time


You read every word and thought most were absurd

They said “Babe, I need a little time”

Dumb ones in rows fell like dominos

This will take a little time


The car spit the bit I think I’m gonna lose it

I need a little time

So many parts tell me where do you start

I need a little time


And the pipes froze through, not sure what to do

I need a little time

It’s twenty below and the water won’t flow

This will take a little time


The storm wrecked the road can’t transport the load

I need a little time

The city’s grid-locked and all the exits are blocked

I need a little time


The train engineer said "we're not even near..."


I need a little time


They closed Boston town to let the nuts run around

This will take a little time


The governor was caught doing things that he fought and said

“I need a little time”

He was pro-hanging tree now it’s “anybody but me”

He needs a little time


I heard that you died I did nothing but cry

I need a little time

The worst you can get is to live with regret

Need a little time


Too many days in a mirrored maze

Time for some fun someone call in the sun

But the sun burned a hole right through the North Pole

The weather is weird and all the crops disappeared

I need a little time 


5- Lighthouse

Sometimes we get crazy

At times we’re down

You can feel it nearing

Then it comes around

We try to swim beneath

What’s going on above

And there’s no mistaking true love 

Can you hear the breeze

Weaving through the trees?

You can always go

but you never can leave

Buried down below

Is what’s hard to hide

It’s where the true feelings reside



Take it all away

Sail it on the sea

Guide it through the night

Lead it like a lighthouse


Squall upon the shore

Makes you cold and cringe

I tried like hell to reach but 

There was too much wind

There’s no other way

When you only know one

And I keep waiting for sun 

Sometimes I get honest

And sharper than a tack

Not exactly Romeo

More like some kind of hack

That’s really no excuse

But laughter feels good

And when I told that to the ghost

She understood (chorus)


If I had a nickel

For every time

I thought I walked the moon

Then I’d have a dime

Someone call the doctor

I’ve said enough

And I still don’t know where we got all of this stuff (chorus)


6- Last Plea

Oh darling, looks like I was wrong

For hoping one of us was strong

You know this valley’s been growing ever wide

And in bad weather you can’t see the other side

So tell me, did you hear me say

Storm clouds are brewing, looks like they’re on their way

Time’s wasting and I’m not sure what to do

Can’t let the darkness fall between me and you



Last plea, can you hear me? We may as well be lost at sea

No one here has the time to burn

Old loon, same tune whistling by the early moon

You can say you know but you may never learn

You can think you know but you may never learn

You believe you know but you may never learn


I’ll set my easel and think I’ll paint a scene

Or a woman but not from some magazine

I tried to reach you, let me guess you lost your phone

I could do worse babe, than being here all alone

We’re no angels, God knows that’s for sure

We’re just surviving and who says what is pure?

We keep believing what we do is right

We’ll go deceiving just to duck another fight (Chorus)


This crazy city has got its hold on me

Its heart is pumping electricity

Can you feel it zap you to the core?

When it gets you girl you wanna beg for more (Chorus)


7- Have it That Way

I was done with love, all disconnected

Man, I had it all down pat

You flew right down and picked me up

And stole my heart just like that

That was then and this is now

It was so many moons ago

And here you still believe in me

I know, I know, I know... 



I saw you just once

That was all that it took

You know right away

When you’re caught on the hook

The reason I knew

That was okay

I knew what I wanted

And had to have it that way


Standing on an ocean’s shore

Lighthouse blinking day and night

I don’t even know what I want anymore

I just want everything to be alright

I wake up at night, can’t sleep again

Branches scraping on the window panes

They move and groove with the whims of the wind

And wake the ghosts in my brain (Chorus)


Walking through the morning mist

Waiting on sweet words to sing

There must be a way to say

To me your love means everything

Like the rhythm of the sea

We’re dancing partners you and me

There’s no place else I rather be

No way not possibly (Chorus)


8- Time and Again

Running fast now

With your hands out

With a broken wing

Still not ready to fly

Take a chance now

Join the dance now

The well is deep

Might as well give it a try

A try, give it a try




Sliding back slow

Running to keep the pace

Every season

Brings a reason

And there’s always

Another waiting to

Take its place

Take its place

Take its place


Running empty

Lost the lone key

Wandering around

Seems we’re at it again

Was it last glance?

Maybe last chance

You thought it before

You thought it time and again

And again and again


9- My Friend

Running through the woods bounding down the hill

Into the river dive, no worry of the chill

Swim across the current to the other side

I can see you anytime I close my eyes

We all need a little lovin’ and that’s for sure

And if we ever get it we want a little more

Now gone’s the bond of man’s best friend

I’m wondering if a broken heart can mend


There was no path we’d fail to climb

You would take the lead I’d follow close behind

You’d circle back just to let me know you’re there

Then you’d turn and leap and go running on the air

Out on a stony shore on the Island sound

You made my life boy you never let me down

Every second precious, no sense of time

All the joy that you gave, I keep it in my mind



Ride shotgun now with windows down

Until we meet again

Miss you my friend...


I never really faced it I’m not that strong

I just move around the pieces ‘til the puzzle comes along

But every time I think about the way you’d look at me

A dagger cuts my heart, I smile helplessly

No prints in sand, can’t find them in the snow

I’ll never get used to it, never let you go

I heard you in the room, thought I saw you in the yard

Love is what makes letting go so hard



Go running young through endless fields

We’ll meet around the bend

Miss you my friend


There’s no mistaking loyalty

You gave every second you gave blindly

I never felt worthy I was just a man

Trying to be present while making other plans

You made us safe, you made us whole

You rounded off the edge and you gave us soul

Now gone’s the bond of man’s best friend

I’m wondering if a broken heart can mend



Ride shotgun now with windows down

Until we meet again

Miss you my friend

Go running young through endless fields

We’ll meet around the bend

Miss you my friend...My friend


10- Sunday Morning

Sunday morning no one’s up the sun begins to rise

Filling up a coffee cup sifting through last night

Seems so much has disappeared and now my friend you’re gone

It’s a wonder how we made it here from the path we were on



They kicked the door right through and drew

It’s up against the wall

They wanted everything you knew

You stood tall

Went and burned it down

Now it stands again

We may win this war but lose most of our men


I wish you knew to let me know but that we know ain’t you

It’s true I would never let you go and we all do what we must do

I still speak to you sometimes and wonder can you hear?

I may as well have been a mime if my words cannot be clear (Chorus)


We’ve been through this all before now one too many times

Below the surface to the core while crossing every line

Do we need more honesty, hasn’t there been enough?

The sign here says “no vacancy” it’s time to call the bluff (Chorus)


Sunday morning nine o’clock the town is waking up

Are we still as solid as a rock or has it all blown it up?

Is it best just left unsaid and buried in the deep?

Like the book you never read or a memory you can’t keep (Chorus)