Kenn Morr's - School Enrichment Program


 “The students, staff and Administrators of Carrigan School truly enjoyed Kenn Morr’s assembly. Kenn is a great presenter. He engaged the students throughout his awesome program. The students talked about it for days after. Parents called to thank us for bringing Kenn into our school. His presentation exceeded our expectations...” -  Michelle Caprio, PTA President, Carrigan School, West Haven, CT


“A special thank you goes to the Carrigan Intermediate School PTA for the awesome Kenn Morr Writing Through Music enrichment program for the 5th and 6th grade students on December 12th. Kenn provided students with a brief history on songwriting, he sang songs and encouraged student participation with the writing process using the five senses to write their thoughts…” - Mrs. Twana Shirden, Assistant Principal (from Carrigan School’s News Letter) 

“Kenn’s enrichment program was an amazing addition to our curriculum. His passion for writing and music was contagious and the students were completely captivated by his knowledge, stories and musical talents. He is the “cool” teacher we all wished we had!"- Susan Angelides, Head of School - Oak Grove Montessori School

 "Kenn Morr truly knows how to connect with his young audience. He teaches them about how music has evolved. But more importantly, Mr Morr sends a message of becoming connected with your emotions. His presentation encourages students to write because writing comes in numerous forms - lists, stories, poems, books, films, and songs. Mr. Morr's simplistic approach allows for learning and audience participation. His message is very much needed in school's today - emotions and writing - are both really cool things." -Tanjua Damon-Merrow, Vernon, CT

"Kenn Morr’s performance provides an excellent balance of information and inspiration. He uses music to teach kids how all writing is best when it comes from personal experience and is filled with emotion. The combination of his music and his natural way with students makes this program a winner!" - Vikki Pac - Language Arts Consultant


"Dozens of elementary school students listening quietly at lunchtime to anything is a small miracle - but Kenn's music did the impossible.  His style of soulful guitar playing and original lyrics held the childrens' attention like no other musical performance we've had.  We highly recommend Kenn..."     - Robin Rowe, Greenwich, CT PTO 


 Kenn @ Oak Ridge Montessori School

The Program:

Self-Expression in Words & Music  

The Objective:

To encourage students to creatively express themselves through writing lyrics, poetry, or journals.

Singer/songwriter Kenn Morr performs songs and introduces students to the roots of folk music and its influence on songwriters and commercial music. Kenn explains how he became a performing songwriter, sharing his enthusiasm and encouraging students to express themselves through various forms of writing.

Kenn shares the stories behind some of his and other artist’s songs, demonstrating how personal experiences can be expressed through writing. Students learn about Kenn’s songwriting influences (from Bob Dylan to Woody Guthrie) and are shown how to organize ideas and feelings in order to better express themselves through writing. Kenn interacts with students throughout the presentation.

The program runs 45 minutes and is recommended for grades 3-8. Kenn  provides a portable PA as well as the materials necessary for the presentation.  

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