Along the Way - The Kenn Morr Band

“Along The Way” The Kenn Morr Band - Let the music Wind You Down

By Tom Franks Folk Word – United Kingdom

Among its many vagaries life offers some certainties – they include the flow of memorable melodies and deeply-thought themes that permeate Kenn Morr’s mix of folk rock Americana. The latest album from The Kenn Morr Band, ‘Along The Way’ serves up a selection of laid-back warmth, involving softly embracing songs and pin-sharp observational lyrics. The instrumentation is as strong as ever, and like a few lucky artists (and good whiskey) Kenn Morr’s voice just gets better with age and the songs on ‘Along The Way’ are ample evidence of that – this is an album for those all too soon approaching winter nights, sit back relax and let the music wind you down….

It’s hard to pick ‘highlights’ because this is such a ‘complete’ album, not a single ‘filler’ in sight, every song in its right place and complementing each other start to finish. However, if pushed I’d mark out my favourites as: ‘Out Of The Fast Lane’, Along The Way’, ‘Blow Wind’, ‘Anywhere Will Be Your Home’, ‘Mr Wolfe’ and ‘Run Away’. Yes, there really are that many stand-out tracks.

The Kenn Morr Band on ‘Along The Way’ are of course the usual suspects, Kenn Morr (electric guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals) Tom Hagymasi (violin, mandolin, bouzouki, accordion, dulcimer, harmony vocals) Pat Ryan (bass guitar, harmony vocals) and Bob Gaspar (djembe, percussion).

Afterimage - The Kenn Morr Band - 28 Song Double CD of Favorite KMB Songs Recorded Live in the Studio

“Morr and company take you through 28 songs on a lovely, relaxed glide. Many of the songs contain quite profound lyrics. Comfortable listening made catchy by Morr’s sonorous singing which sounds like a cross between Elliott Murphy, Leonard Cohen and Bob Geldof…Call it folk rock, pop and Americana roots...Call it what you like! The fact is that we are dealing with a particularly pleasant pot of acoustic roots music…Recommended not only to lovers of Murphy, Cohen and Geldof, but also to those who enjoy Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler…” - Ctrl Alt Country E-zine, Holland

Worth Imagining - (CD or Download)







The album wrote itself in a very short period of time. The arranging and recording sessions were just as effortless. The perfect follow-up to Higher Ground...

The Kenn Morr Band - Higher Ground (CD or Download)

Higher Ground marks the first KMB album with multi-instrumentalist Tom Hagymasi (mandolin, fiddle, accordion, bouzouki.) It's what happens when a band comes together and then adds another spark. This record was co-produced by the band. The perfect precursor to "Worth Imagining"...

Kenn Morr - Move On (CD or Download)

Move On features the title track, the uplifting "River Song" and guest vocal appearances by Rex Fowler (Aztec Two Step) on "Don't Turn Around" and Annie Golden on "Still Need You Near". It was Kenn's first record with (drummer) Bob Gaspar and (bassist) Dan Hocott. One of Kenn's favorites...

Kenn Morr - Coming Home (CD or Download)

Coming Home features the title track, "In The Name of Rock & Roll", the haunting "Twister" and "Cold Winds" (a duet with Rex Fowler of Aztec Two Step.) Annie Golden adds her vocal magic on three tracks. The CD was the follow-up to "New Moon Rising" and in some ways a return to simplicity. We play a lot of tracks off this album at our concerts...

The Kenn Morr Band - New Moon Rising (CD or Download)

This 2003 CD produced by the legendary Bob Johnston was recorded in Nashville, TN (as well as NY and CT) and features the moody "What is it Like", the folk/pop of "Lazy Afternoon", the folk/country "High Wire" and the album-closing "Moonlight Meadow Song" played (and sung) by wonderful musicians from Nashville, NY and CT. It was a true experience...