"Along the Way"... The Latest Album by The Kenn Morr Band

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From the U.S.: "...This album deserves passion buckets of compliments. It’s that good...The best ‘get’ that I ‘got’ in a long time was by The Kenn Morr Band...If Roger Waters was to record an Americana album, this is what it would sound like.” - Larry Carta, Cool Album of the Day

From the U.K.: "...It’s hard to pick ‘highlights’ because this is such a ‘complete’ album, not a single ‘filler’ in sight, every song in its right place and complementing each other start to finish. However, if pushed I’d mark out my favourites as: ‘Out Of The Fast Lane’, Along The Way’, ‘Blow Wind’, ‘Anywhere Will Be Your Home’, ‘Mr Wolfe’ and ‘Run Away’. Yes, there really are that many stand-out tracks..." Folk Words, U.K.

From Belgium:  "...Selecting other highlights from this album is an impossible task because there are no weaknesses on the CD. “Blow Wind”, “Let it Go”, “Anywhere Will Be Your Home”, “Mr. Wolfe”, “Run Away” and “Try Me Tomorrow” are of equally strong songs...." Rootstime, Belgium

From Germany: ..."Thanks to the quality of the songs, The Kenn Morr Band has delivered great work with “Along the Way”. The inclined music fan who can identify with Morr’s voice and has a penchant for cool, relaxing roots music will be very happy with this album. Great job guys!..." Rock Times, Germany

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