Lyrics From the Album "Higher Ground"

Track List:

1-Standin' Still 2- Higher Ground 3- Spinnin' Wheel 4- Restless Wind 5- Anna Lee 6- Another Year 7- Gone 8- The Jewel 9-Things I've Done 10- Fly Free

1- Standin’ Still

Tell me where we go from here

This road has got so many veins

On every one’s a voice

A different choice

Who am I to have the reins ?

How many miles left to go ?

How many cities must we burn ?

Down so many streets we roll

They take their toll

no matter where you turn


The answers written all around

Not sure they’re a sign

I guess the only way to tell

Is find a wishing well

And wish the truth would shine

Spinning wheels deep in the mud

Whining like a dying drill

Working just to get unstuck

With a little luck

We’ll climb the coming hill



Could you feel it ?

In the morning chill

Are we moving really slow

Or simply standing still ?


Those small bats darting all around

Against black and pale moonlight

Spinning through infinity

Stir ghosts in me

That try to haunt the night

And I guess I wish I knew the way

If I did I’d take you there

We’d pop champagne in the street

Turn the bitter sweet

And toast in old Times Square (Chorus)


Morning light here’s what we need

A little break along the way

Anything to shine the light

Make it worth the fight

And get us through the day

Shattered pieces everywhere

Looking for their rightful place

Anything to make them fit

Let me know, I’ll do it

We’ll fix this broken space (Chorus)


2- Higher Ground

Howling wind in your ears

Daylight disappears

Walking in the rain

With your face against the night

Black and blue in solitude

And wondering what to do

Do you lay and lick your wounds

Or stand and fight


Heavy breath in heavy sky

Another day gone by

The evening offers quietude 

A chance to get some rest

But you’re so much in a bind

With too much on your mind

And tomorrow always brings

another test...



Anytime the rumbling begins

Anytime  the winds comes blowing in

Gotta come around and head for higher ground

Anytime the a storm comes closing in

Anytime the heavy rains begin

You’re the only one around

who can lead to higher ground


On and on the story goes

Sure as the north wind blows

Every day’s another struggle

Just to keep above the tide

You cast your shadow on the street

That burns beneath your feet

And fight to-the-death

to reach the other side (Chorus)


Howling wind in your ear

Daylight disappears

Walking in the rain with your face

Against the night

We put so much at stake

It’s tough to bend but never break

We’ll do anything it takes

to be alright  (Chorus)

3- Spinning Wheel

Time to get up, time to get out

Gotta get there no time to eat

Hop in a cab, jump in a train

Just made it in, there’s not any seats

First you dig in then you dig out

Go and toe your end of the of the line

Give ‘em your blood, give em’ some more

What about me? There’s not enough time



Round and round

Goes the spinning wheel

Step up, take a number

Come and make a deal

Toss the dice

Do a lucky dance

There’s no way you’re gonna win it

If you never take a chance


Aim for the top, aim for the sky

Ask for no reason given no rhyme

Clawing your way day after day

Believing the summit’s worth the climb

Many a hand have died on their way

Seeking fortune all of their lives

Follow a quest all the way to the end

No matter the cost no matter the price (Chorus)


Time to punch out, time to come down

Try to stay alive in the street

Go with the flow, ride on the waves

Hanging all ten and keeping the beat

Flying on fumes, running on hope

Losing breath, losing steam

Building it up, knocking it down

Barely alive in the name of the dream (Chorus)


There’s gotta be more, there’s gotta be life

There’s gotta be love, there’s gotta be light

There’s gotta be hope, gotta be fear

Gotta be black, gotta be white

Gonna be sun, gonna be rain

Gonna be cold, gonna be hot

Gonna be ups, gonna be downs

Gonna be sages, gonna be clowns (Chorus)


4- Restless Wind

There’s a thousand simple reasons

Sometimes they don’t always add up

Everything has got it’s season

Sure as the sun comes up

And I can’t quite remember

The last straw that we chose

Was it early in the summer ?

Seems like you don’t even know


Guess we both knew longer

Even longer than we knew

But the questions’ grip grew stronger

While we were searching for the clues

Who knows where this train’s going

Cause we’re not seeing straight

Too many miles have been showing

God knows it’s getting late



Restless wind

Blowing through my mind

Kicking up the ashes

You hit me from behind

Hit me blind


One last time for reminiscing

One more chance to say we cared

And if the good times could be counted

You know we’d have our share

One more laugh before we finish

How ‘bout a drink before we go

The more we speak the less we’ll need to know...



Restless wind

Blowing through my mind

Kicking up the ashes

You hit me from behind

Just waiting here

Feeling kinda numb

Did I miss the train

Or is it yet to come ?


There’s a restless wind still blowing

Like all the other years

Still we have no way of knowing

Is it conscience or just fear ?

There’s a wild sea before you

And a runaway railroad track

The last flight-out just flew

Too late for turning back (Chorus)


5- Anna Lee

Rode the trail high on the misty mountain

The one that led so low down to the sea

Tossed a coin into an ancient fountain

Said a little prayer and then a plea

All drenched in blood and sweat and booze from grinding

There’s not much to show these days for hopelessness

You know one too many losses then the heartache and the struggles

Can take you down the road to bitterness



Anna Lee

Anna Lee

When will you ride in and rescue me

Is it real ?

Or just a dream   

Add the fire and the ice and watch it steam


Don’t it sometimes feel just like you’re fading

No control and things keep sliding down

Anything you need to do you do to ease the pain

You gotta pull your head above ‘fore you drown



Anna Lee

Anna Lee

When will you ride in and rescue me

Come and bake bread

Come and ease my head (warm my bed)

You’re the only one, come set me free


This old stallion limping on it’s last leg

A smoking engine on it’s final breath

Wallowing and wondering “oh what might have been”

You better lose that load and try a little tenderness (Repeat both choruses) 


6- Another Year

You can hear ‘em playing in the room beside this one

I’m trying to get something written

But can’t begin to think

The little voices jumpin’, not a worry in the world

Wrestling, running, laughin’

Playing hide and seek

Looking out the window in the morning, noon or night

These days are going steady

...Gone they go

Gone they go....

Today you play the hero but everything has got an end

They’ll come askin’ for the keys before we know



Autumn leaves go falling down to the ground

Soon be white with snow

February’s bitter cold

Chills you to the bone

April bring your rain to the plain

Summer’s waiting near

And before you know

We’ve gone another year


These are the days, the ones you’ll have if you look back

You try and get ‘em right

Before you’re looking back in vain

Try to fix it if it’s broken or right it when it’s wrong

Though sometimes that’s just like

Trying to stop the rain  (Chorus)


Still sitting here at a cold piano waiting on a song

And they’re still in there laughing

As the day goes easing by

And outside gold and orange leaves get captured by the wind

Still can’t find the words

No matter how I try  (Chorus)


7- Gone 

She wrapped her arms around me

We put our faces to the wind

Rolling waves against the vessel

We wished the day would never end

And the sun went down on the horizon

And left every color in the sky

We knew that when we reached the harbor

The time would come to say goodbye



Gone, will be gone, (be gone)

Gone before we know

Take it easy

Take it real slow


This goodbye is just for now girl

So many places call to me

And I don’t know if by air I’ll find them

Are they somewhere just beyond the sea ?

Anyway the wind blows honey

That’s the place I gotta go

So why not plant your seeds beneath the blue skies

And I’ll return before they grow  (Chorus)


Lady Luck can be so fragile

You know Lady Luck she can be so kind

But her sister Grace can leave you humble

And her sister Faith she’ll rob you blind

And then she’ll lead you out there searching

Across the land or open sea

How she got you in the first place

Will remain a mystery (Chorus)


She wrapped her arms around me

We put our faces to the sun

A million miles behind

And now another one has just begun

And the sun rose high on the horizon

It was bleeding red into the sky

And then we set our sails out from the harbor

We thought we’d give the sea another try (Chorus)


8- The Jewel 

You heard it from a king wearing rags of a man

Your treasure’s been buried in a far-off land

Prepare for the journey it’s your legend to live

Get ready to move

Ready to dig 

Better leave soon, better go now

There will always be a mule

There will be another plow

Hit the road before the light of day

Follow every omen along the way



High on the high seas sailing

Crossing desert sands

Find the old oasis

Put the jewel on the lady’s hand


As long as there are armies there will be war

We’ll always be divided by a foreign shore

Try to get around, try to get through

Is there any way of coming back to you ? 

Whether you’re the shepherd or the sheep

You’ll need each other when the going gets deep

The wolf’s in the valley waiting on the kill

But he ain’t hungry it’s for the thrill (Chorus)


Now the Sun’s rising high above the pyramids

Digging for the treasure, where was it was hid ?

What you learn the deeper you go

You had it all along little did you know 

Better leave soon, Better go now

There will be another mule

There will be always be a plow

Better hit the road before the light of day

And follow every omen along the way (Chorus) 

9- Things I’ve Done 

Maybe it’s just the change in the seasons

Or it’s because it’s so new

But emotions run high

‘neath this cool autumn sky

And I’m looking for something to do

But it’s too cold to be fixin’ this fence

You know the snow’s closing in

And the plows will wreck whatever we mend

And we’ll just have to mend it again



Don’t know where to go

Can’t seem to find the place

I Get the run-around but can’t get in the race

Deep down I believe

The best may yet to come

And there’s no way to change 

The things I’ve done


Banking on this country road

To take my whole world away

‘Cause it’s been so kind and it’s eased my mind

And kept the blues at bay

We keep driving for some other highway

Try to keep ahead of the rain

Forever thankful for the blessings

But done with growing pains (Chorus)


There is an old steel bridge in the distance

Forever connecting both sides

And there is a song

Coming on strong

That floats in the air and then dies

And the sound of the cold, running river

Let’s you know you’re alive

And the sound of the train on that rattling bridge

Let’s you know you’re not tied (Chorus)

10- Fly Free 

Ever since I was a child I wished I could fly        

Standing down on the ground gazing toward the sky

Well these day’s it’s pretty much the same

I’m still looking at those stars

Shining high above the towns and fields

Roads and railroad cars 

“You play the hand they dealt you kid”

That’s what they’ve always done

It seems your lot in life gets handed

Father down to son

But that one don’t apply to me

Mine passed when I was young

I Still sometimes think of all the things he went and left undone



Fly free

So free

Today you may flying high

Tonight you might be crawling

on your knees


You can learn a lot yourself, doesn’t come with ease

There’s times I’m still the last to see the forest through the trees

And dreams still come of midnight flights

On the bright side of the moon

Looking down I see the old nightlamp

In the window of my room 

“The Sounds of Silence” on the radio when I was young

Heard the same song yesterday and stopped

like I was stung

Went back to dreams of midnight flying

Trying to find my way

And the butterflies inside my gut

Still flutter the same today (Chorus)


It’s been almost half a century of building up a wall

Any added stone may be the one to cause it all to fall

So we stand our ground and do our best

Then leave the rest to fate

And cite the saying ‘bout virtue brought

to those who learn to wait (Chorus)