Kenn Morr


I was driving up from the Carolinas some years back traveling north on I-95 on a beautiful day when I saw a huge black funnel in the distance spin down from the sky, touch down on the road and then ricochet back into the sky and take off again. Almost like a Hollywood effect. Of course I had to kind of take stock, pause and re-play the image in my mind because I wasn't sure I really saw what I thought I saw. Luckily there was another witness in the car so I wasn't going crazy.

The next day in Virginia we woke at a motel to the news stating over TWENTY twisters had torn through that part of the country and left behind some real devastation. Of course that got me to thinking about the timing of it all. I remember thinking "if that waitress at the Waffle House (who took FOREVER to get me my pancakes) had served us faster... then maybe we would have been further down the road and we could have been caught up in that funnel when it touched down..."

After that experience the song "Twister" was born. It's one of the ones we still play from the Coming Home CD. It was rotated out of the set for a little while to give it it's well-earned rest and now it's back...