In The Name of Rock & Roll



This song was originally written for the Coming Home CD. It was inspired by the countless musicians I have had the pleasure to work and travel with over the years. The van/car rides are usually as entertaining as the shows. Many stories are exchanged and this song came to light. I remember performing it for the first time at the Maple Tree in Simsbury, CT. I had just written it and the band had never heard it. I sang it solo and afterwards the band told me they wanted to work it up immediately. It has become a staple at almost all of our shows. We gave it a rest once last summer and our sound engineer Mike demanded it return to the set...The names have been changed to protect the innocent...


He grew up blew this old town

Put his thumb on the road he was west coast bound

For the land of milk and honey where fallen stars

cruise the boulevard in those fancy cars



Oh, the deeper you go

You need another hit just to soothe your soul

Oh, it takes it’s toll

You do it in the name of rock and roll


Down today gotta get it up tonight

Got to keep ‘em dancing ‘til the morning light

Shots of gold and funny cigarettes

take you even higher than it gets (chorus)


Why’d  you go ? I knew you well

At least I did last night in that cheap motel

Mystery woman dressed in black

You’re gonna need a hundred horses to hold me back (chorus)


Goodnight moon the sunrise is now

I didn’t really need the sleep anyhow

Strong black coffee and those funny cigarettes

and a road guitar is as good as it gets (chorus)