Coming Home

Kenn Morr


Coming Home was written shortly after we relocated from Long Island, NY to the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in CT. I had been performing a lot of solo and duet shows throughout CT and MA while putting the finishing touches on the New Moon Rising CD. Our first son was born in the fall shortly after our move and I often found myself in the car alone traveling to/from gigs. It seemed our new baby made leaving home difficult even if the show was within a couple of hours of home. One winter night while driving home from a gig (in God-knows-where) the song "Coming Home" presented itself and I drove hastily in the dark while singing the new lyrics and melody into a small digital recording device. I completed the song within a day or two and began to lay the groundwork for a new album that would bear the name of this new song.

On the "Coming Home" CD we asked our wonderful friend Annie Golden to join in the chorus of this song. We re-recorded the tune for our latest CD "Afterimage" and the tune remains one of the staples in most of our concerts. I simply NEVER get tired of singing this song...


Coming Home

There’s a red sun rising on a summer field

Wildflowers line the hill

The river’s running lazy

to the tune of the whippoorwill

The old dirt road goes winding through the forest out to the highway

Traveling alone, traveling alone but I’m on my way



Babe your smile brings me home

Makes everything alright

When we say goodbye I die inside as I step into the night

Cold and alone is how the highway feels, headlights burning bright

I’m coming home


Sometimes it’s hard to say some things

I get shy, I don’t know why

I feel it most out on the road

when I’m alone in overdrive

If I’m workin’down in the city or cruisin’ ‘long the countryside

for every time I thank God for home there’s a star up in the sky



There’s a half moon glowing on a snowy field

The stars are on the hill

The river’s still running lazy

but everything else is frozen still

The old dirt road comes winding through the forest from the highway

Traveling home, traveling home... I’m on my way