Along the Way

Kenn Morr


One day I picked up the guitar and began strumming the chord progression to this tune and the words and melody "Along the way,...we may stumble along the way..." simultaneously flew from my mouth. Whenever this happens my instinct is to grab a recording device and continue. Glad I did because the remainder of this song essentially flowed in much the same way. I didn't stop and think about the lyrics or what they meant. That is often the beginning of the end of the process. Instead, I just let them continue to trickle out and before I knew it the title track was born.

We've been performing this song as a show-closer because it has a natural "see you next time (or "we'll see you along the way") feel to it. But something tells me that will change soon. It may even become an opener...Who knows. One thing's for sure: I love singing this one and am forever thankful it came to me in the fashion it did.

We recorded this song on the first or second take. It went to tape much the way it was born. Effortlessly. And those backing vocals Tom and Pat created still give me the chills. Don't know why, but they do...


Along the Way 

Along the way We may stumble along the way

While out reaching for today

Along the way, along the way

There’s always something lost along the way

Hey we may fade but may we never lose our way

As long as we keep saying “hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay)

Then nothing really matters anyway


And every time we shut the evening light

And every time I hear the geese in flight

Every time blue skies turn gray

Something gets lost along the way

Something here, we just may have something here

By now it’s crystal clear

You and me, Hey we…

We just may have something here


Lately I’ve lost the way

Can’t let go of yesterday

There’s something about a photograph

There’s something about the way you laugh

Lately I don’t feel a thing

Got a bell can’t make it ring

Got a bird but she won’t sing

Want it all but I’ll take half

Pass it on, there’s just no need to carry on

Nothing should lead you on

Lead you on, lead you on…

By then you should be gone

Where does time go? Finer minds will never know

It’s like a sudden gale that comes to blow

And takes you places you don’t know

And away the time will go

And away we go