The Kenn Morr Band
Kenn Morr


A few years back my high school baseball coach, Joe, invited my family to visit him in Las Vegas. He was working with the Area 51s, the NY Mets AAA affiliate. He knew we were huge Mets fans so he arranged a stadium tour, meeting some players and we got to see both exhibition games against the Cubs. He was also kind enough to put us up in his time share on the stip.

We decided to take a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. The bus left prior to dawn and returned the same day just before midnight. On the way to the canyon, I sat with our eldest son who was in middle school at the time. There was something about driving through the desert that opened up conversations about adolescence, peer pressure and all of the issues kids of that age deal with. The conversation was totally open and honest and we exchanged ideas all the way to the canyon.

When we arrived, the family walked the rim of the canyon, observed California Condors in their glory, hiked and had lunch.

On the return trip (under full moon) I sat with our youngest son. We also had incredible conversations that just seemed to be inspired by a day in the desert. Hard to explain. In fact, the whole day is hard to explain because we went from the insanity of the Vegas strip, through the desert to the canyon and then right back through the desert to the strip, in one quick day.

This song hopefully gives a little peak into that day...


Out of the Fast Lane


Waking round the canyon’s rim

Feel my breath about to blow

High as condors fly

18 miles wide

Snake River winding down below


Driving through the desert valley

Open space, eternity

Everything is right

Full moon comes tonight

I feel faith return to me



Taking the time

Out of my mind

Out in a world

Where everything shines…

Taking it in

Taking it slow

Out of fast lane

Let it go


Son you know it makes me shiver

It’s moving at the speed of sound

Your tiny shadow’s gone

Time keeps pressing on

There’s no way to slow it down


Not long ago, you know, I saw old Joe

He hadn’t changed that much to me

He may never grip

How he saved this ship

From being swallowed by the sea (Chorus)


Walking round the canyon’s rim

Smell the sweet natural perfume

Puff clouds and blue skies

Above the canyon rise

White and gold Cliff Rose in bloom (Chorus)

Kenn Morr


One day I picked up the guitar and began strumming the chord progression to this tune and the words and melody "Along the way,...we may stumble along the way..." simultaneously flew from my mouth. Whenever this happens my instinct is to grab a recording device and continue. Glad I did because the remainder of this song essentially flowed in much the same way. I didn't stop and think about the lyrics or what they meant. That is often the beginning of the end of the process. Instead, I just let them continue to trickle out and before I knew it the title track was born.

We've been performing this song as a show-closer because it has a natural "see you next time (or "we'll see you along the way") feel to it. But something tells me that will change soon. It may even become an opener...Who knows. One thing's for sure: I love singing this one and am forever thankful it came to me in the fashion it did.

We recorded this song on the first or second take. It went to tape much the way it was born. Effortlessly. And those backing vocals Tom and Pat created still give me the chills. Don't know why, but they do...


Along the Way 

Along the way We may stumble along the way

While out reaching for today

Along the way, along the way

There’s always something lost along the way

Hey we may fade but may we never lose our way

As long as we keep saying “hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay)

Then nothing really matters anyway


And every time we shut the evening light

And every time I hear the geese in flight

Every time blue skies turn gray

Something gets lost along the way

Something here, we just may have something here

By now it’s crystal clear

You and me, Hey we…

We just may have something here


Lately I’ve lost the way

Can’t let go of yesterday

There’s something about a photograph

There’s something about the way you laugh

Lately I don’t feel a thing

Got a bell can’t make it ring

Got a bird but she won’t sing

Want it all but I’ll take half

Pass it on, there’s just no need to carry on

Nothing should lead you on

Lead you on, lead you on…

By then you should be gone

Where does time go? Finer minds will never know

It’s like a sudden gale that comes to blow

And takes you places you don’t know

And away the time will go

And away we go

The Kenn Morr Band
Kenn Morr


"Footprints to the Sea" was inspired by a trip to Mexico with my family. A friend sold us a week's timeshare in paradise. Right on the beach in Peurta Villarta where we spent the afternoons sipping Margaritas on the beach.

There was a footpath to the ocean we took every day. It helped inspire this song. So did many other things...


Hello sun, goodbye rain

Water racing through the drain

Drenched through clothes and down to skin

Warm sun, where have you been?

Bright blue day and starry sky

Now everything dry

Morning dawns the window pane

Such a sweet refrain


Warm wind chase away the cold

Change of seasons don’t get old

Only we will waiting here

When will that ship appear?

Budding blooms along the road

Driving under heavy load

Warm wind chase away the cold…

Bring some silver, bring us gold


Adios, down the sandy path away I go

Find me, follow footprints to the sea


It don’t matter where you’ve been

Every sail needs a little wind

Strong enough to take you there

Jump aboard now if you dare

Sailing high on the high seas

Until they come for me

Lose the blues come feel the sun

Shining down on everyone


Adios, down the sandy path away I go

Find me, follow footprints to the sea

One star, no matter where you are

Find me, follow footprints to the sea


Shot from space and into town

Set ‘em up, knock ‘em down

One by one by one we go

At every door a cameo

Sandaled feet and summer clothes

With the weather we will go

Tuck my hair into my hat

And like summer gone like that


Adios, down the sandy path away I go

Find me, follow footprints to the sea

Bright star, no matter where you are

Find me, follow footprints to the sea

Kenn Morr


Coming Home was written shortly after we relocated from Long Island, NY to the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in CT. I had been performing a lot of solo and duet shows throughout CT and MA while putting the finishing touches on the New Moon Rising CD. Our first son was born in the fall shortly after our move and I often found myself in the car alone traveling to/from gigs. It seemed our new baby made leaving home difficult even if the show was within a couple of hours of home. One winter night while driving home from a gig (in God-knows-where) the song "Coming Home" presented itself and I drove hastily in the dark while singing the new lyrics and melody into a small digital recording device. I completed the song within a day or two and began to lay the groundwork for a new album that would bear the name of this new song.

On the "Coming Home" CD we asked our wonderful friend Annie Golden to join in the chorus of this song. We re-recorded the tune for our latest CD "Afterimage" and the tune remains one of the staples in most of our concerts. I simply NEVER get tired of singing this song...


Coming Home

There’s a red sun rising on a summer field

Wildflowers line the hill

The river’s running lazy

to the tune of the whippoorwill

The old dirt road goes winding through the forest out to the highway

Traveling alone, traveling alone but I’m on my way



Babe your smile brings me home

Makes everything alright

When we say goodbye I die inside as I step into the night

Cold and alone is how the highway feels, headlights burning bright

I’m coming home


Sometimes it’s hard to say some things

I get shy, I don’t know why

I feel it most out on the road

when I’m alone in overdrive

If I’m workin’down in the city or cruisin’ ‘long the countryside

for every time I thank God for home there’s a star up in the sky



There’s a half moon glowing on a snowy field

The stars are on the hill

The river’s still running lazy

but everything else is frozen still

The old dirt road comes winding through the forest from the highway

Traveling home, traveling home... I’m on my way



This song was originally written for the Coming Home CD. It was inspired by the countless musicians I have had the pleasure to work and travel with over the years. The van/car rides are usually as entertaining as the shows. Many stories are exchanged and this song came to light. I remember performing it for the first time at the Maple Tree in Simsbury, CT. I had just written it and the band had never heard it. I sang it solo and afterwards the band told me they wanted to work it up immediately. It has become a staple at almost all of our shows. We gave it a rest once last summer and our sound engineer Mike demanded it return to the set...The names have been changed to protect the innocent...


He grew up blew this old town

Put his thumb on the road he was west coast bound

For the land of milk and honey where fallen stars

cruise the boulevard in those fancy cars



Oh, the deeper you go

You need another hit just to soothe your soul

Oh, it takes it’s toll

You do it in the name of rock and roll


Down today gotta get it up tonight

Got to keep ‘em dancing ‘til the morning light

Shots of gold and funny cigarettes

take you even higher than it gets (chorus)


Why’d  you go ? I knew you well

At least I did last night in that cheap motel

Mystery woman dressed in black

You’re gonna need a hundred horses to hold me back (chorus)


Goodnight moon the sunrise is now

I didn’t really need the sleep anyhow

Strong black coffee and those funny cigarettes

and a road guitar is as good as it gets (chorus)

Kenn Morr


I've used the expression "the song wrote itself in almost the length of time it takes to sing it..." to describe the writing process of certain songs. Trade Winds most-definitely falls into this category.

In 2010 in a very short span of time we lost our 14 yo Golden Retriever (see the tune "My Friend"), my close friend and ex-sound engineer Ben Moskey and shortly thereafter my mom. It was a difficult period. At the time I had been reading about trade winds and imagined myself jumping on a ship to...well...anywhere... to kind of break the cycle we were in.

To this day Trade Winds is among my favorites. Although it was inspired by a difficult period, the process of writing it really did help me through. To this day when we perform the song the feelings I have are more more joyous than anything else. I'm reminded not only of the loved ones who are gone but also how the song itself helped me through that period...


Trade Winds

Too many things are changing fast

Just like the trade winds

The old dog’s gone and so is Ma

And it’s hard to lose a friend 

It seems my lucky dice are frozen

Trapped inside mid-air

There’s a faint fine line

Between outlook and despair


I’m not sure just how you do it

But sweet music saves my mind

It can keep you cool in the summer sun

And warm in winter time 

But like so many other things

We forget to know

And once you think you lost it...



Trade winds blow below the hemisphere

And deal’s going down right now my dear

I can’t count the times I’ve been down

Can you feel the trade winds coming ‘round?


Too many things are spinning out

Spinning out of control

Seems we always buy in bunches babe

Then have to pay for what we owe 

When trade winds blow

Ships leave to make their trades

While the rest of us are waking up

With the choices we made



Trade winds blow below the hemisphere

And deal’s going down right now my dear...

I can’t count the times I’ve been down

Can you feel the trade winds coming ‘round?

The Kenn Morr Band
Kenn Morr


New Moon was written in about as much time as it takes to sing it. It was early January and we were still living near the water in Huntington, NY. I wrote the song in a tiny kitchen in our little home shortly after we lost heat. With no fireplace the only thing we could do was wait and hope the repairman wasn't too busy. I picked up the guitar and started playing the simple intro (which ultimately became the entire song) and the words came out as fast as I could write them down. When we recorded it in Nashville it was (producer) Bob Johnston's idea to emphasize chosen phrases with harmony vocals. I can still see the singers standing in a circle in the studio with Bob in the middle directing traffic...When we cut the "new" version we kept the vocal arrangements as close to the original as possible. 


New Moon

There’s a new moon rising before your eyes

Gone with the fears and the alibis

Yesterday’s drying on the canvas, yes

Where tomorrow’s going is anyone’s guess


The snow’s falling and the heat don’t work

I thought I was passed acting like some kind of jerk

But I’m sitting here freezing drinking this wine

Wishing on music and lyrical rhymes


Outside there’s people crawling the streets

Each with a plan, each with a vision, each with a dream

Clinging to survival just to survive

It’s so easy sometimes to forget you’re alive


Now the puppets they dance in the crib of a child

While the world’s in a cage and promise runs wild

Where hope swallows fear and light smothers black

And everyone’s sailing with the wind at their back


I’ve been trying to reach it but I ain’t got there yet

And all the things that I know I sometimes forget

So it’s back at the start, more lines in my skin

I keep asking myself where to begin


So Heaven help me if I ever get it right

The trumpets will blow and I’ll reclaim my sight

You’ll be sure to know me with the smile on my face

Out of my head like the whole human race


There’s a new moon rising before your eyes

Gone with the fears and the alibis

Yesterday’s drying on the canvas, yes

Where tomorrow’s going is anyone’s guess


Kenn Morr


I was driving up from the Carolinas some years back traveling north on I-95 on a beautiful day when I saw a huge black funnel in the distance spin down from the sky, touch down on the road and then ricochet back into the sky and take off again. Almost like a Hollywood effect. Of course I had to kind of take stock, pause and re-play the image in my mind because I wasn't sure I really saw what I thought I saw. Luckily there was another witness in the car so I wasn't going crazy.

The next day in Virginia we woke at a motel to the news stating over TWENTY twisters had torn through that part of the country and left behind some real devastation. Of course that got me to thinking about the timing of it all. I remember thinking "if that waitress at the Waffle House (who took FOREVER to get me my pancakes) had served us faster... then maybe we would have been further down the road and we could have been caught up in that funnel when it touched down..."

After that experience the song "Twister" was born. It's one of the ones we still play from the Coming Home CD. It was rotated out of the set for a little while to give it it's well-earned rest and now it's back...