Lyrics From the Album "Coming Home"

Track Listing:

1- Coming Home 2- Cold Winds 3- In the Name of Rock and Roll 4- Baby it's Me 5- Twister 6- Daylight Come Again 7- Last Tear 8- Mesa Moon 9- Carry Some Lovin' 10- Freedom 11- Holdin' On

1- Coming Home

There’s a red sun rising on a summer field

Wildflowers line the hill

The river’s running lazy

to the tune of the whippoorwill

The old dirt road goes winding through the forest out to the highway

Traveling alone, traveling alone but I’m on my way



Babe your smile brings me home

Makes everything alright

When we say goodbye I die inside as I step into the night

Cold and alone is how the highway feels, headlights burning bright

I’m coming home


Sometimes it’s hard to say some things

I get shy, I don’t know why

I feel it most out on the road

when I’m alone in overdrive

If I’m workin’down in the city or cruisin’ ‘long the countryside

for every time I thank God for home there’s a star up in the sky



There’s a half moon glowing on a snowy field

The stars are on the hill

The river’s still running lazy

but everything else is frozen still

The old dirt road comes winding through the forest from the highway

Traveling home, traveling home... I’m on my way



2- Cold Winds

Got the word, it wasn’t good

It knocked me down from where I stood

It’s never easy, It’s never fair

Sometimes it helps to act like you don’t care 

My baby cries, I scratch my head

Was it something I said ?

I don’t know, lost my mind

Can’t find no rhythm, ain’t got no time



La, la, la, la, la,

That’s just the way things go

La, la, la, la ,la

And then the cold winds blow


Honey love if I had more time

I’d fix you up and make you mine

Put you on a pedestal

I’d bring red roses and daffodils 

But honey love don’t let me bleed

Not when you got more than I need

I need you bad, I need you now

I can’t keep swimming I don’t know how



The curtain’s drawn the lights are dim

I’m all alone... no, not again

I don’t know how this can go on

My will is broken, my spirit’s gone 

Come light the fire, come light the way

Illuminate the words I say

I need the warmth I need the sun

I can’t believe the time that’s gone



3- In The Name of Rock & Roll

He grew up blew this old town

Put his thumb on the road he was west coast bound

For the land of milk and honey where fallen stars

cruise the boulevard in those fancy cars



Oh, the deeper you go

You need another hit just to soothe your soul

Oh, it takes it’s toll

You do it in the name of rock and roll


Down today gotta get it up tonight

Got to keep ‘em dancing ‘til the morning light

Shots of gold and funny cigarettes

take you even higher than it gets (chorus)


Why’d  you go ? I knew you well

At least I did last night in that cheap motel

Mystery woman dressed in black

You’re gonna need a hundred horses to hold me back (chorus)


Goodnight moon the sunrise is now

I didn’t really need the sleep anyhow

Strong black coffee and those funny cigarettes

and a road guitar is as good as it gets (chorus)


4- Baby It’s Me

Woke up in the morning all tangled in the sheets

Dreamt someone had stolen my soul

Crawled out of bed took a drag to ease my head

fell down a bottomless hole

Finally hit the floor, couldn’t take it anymore

buzzing like a big old honey bee it’s me


So then I picked up all the pieces to put ‘em back again

but still had some left in my hands

Tried to force ‘em in and it all came tumbling down again

didn’t know what to do so I ran

Now I’m running one step late caught up in the fate

of all those things you never foresee it’s me



Down, down in a valley so low

Can’t stop thinking of where I wanna go

Somewhere the breeze blows warm and the days move.... slow....


She’s such a pretty thing man, wonder what she’s like

There’s only some things you need to know

Does her soul sing by  the early morning light ?

or melt by the warm fire glow

Don’t wanna worry, don’t wanna hurt

I only wanna be where I wanna it’s me (chorus) 


Kill the light, sleep tight, guess you’re calling it a night

It feels so early to me

You don’t get much time ‘fore your past your prime

so down and out ain’t where I wanna be

The moon’s hanging high in the early morning sky

and I could use a little it’s me


5- Twister

Been down this road so many times I don’t read the signs

Just gotta keep my wheels inside the lines

Kinda feels like flying, sometimes even blind

Got too many thoughts trapped in my old mind


There’s a twister blowing through the field

Some poor fool’s fate is good as sealed

Get me back on the road, back behind the wheel

keep wasting time thinking ‘bout the way I feel


Just stepped in some quicksand, think I’m goin’ down

Screaming for mercy but no one hears a sound

Kinda feels like sinking, getting swallowed by ground

Don’t look for me honey... I don’t wanna be found



The radio’s playing... some old tired tune

Black smoke and ashes hide away the moon

The wind’s dying, daybreak will be soon

Gotta go and get some water, believe I better buy a broom



6- Daylight Come Again

I left the door wide open

Who knew you’d really run away

It’s a world of predators babe

so you’re the perfect prey 

This summer really burned the city

Everything  is slowing down

Gotta get my head together

I hope by dawn you come back around



Dark, lonely night

You need some moonshine

Shine on through daylight

Daylight come again


Coyote howlin’ in the woods

Babes cry in the barrios & neighborhoods

Mamma bee’s been buzzing all day

Dirty daddy’s ducking down an alleyway

Sundown on the black highway

it’s gonna steal away the day

I’m road-weary with worn out wheels

Wanna click my away



Sunrise pave new morning skies

Come early dawn open my eyes

Wake me laughing, make me cry

anything to feel I’m alive 

There are days I think ‘bout heaven

and wonder can it be there ?

Then the morning sky reminds me

God’s gotta be living somewhere



7- Last Tear

She's staring out that old cracked kitchen window

To that river longingly

Come morning she'll be gone

Come time to carry on

Save the last tear for me

For every season there came another reason

For every reason a little more insanity

Too many bills, too many pills 

Too many need-to-get-your thrills

Save the last tear for me


Blow me down you wicked wind

That's one less time you'll take me by surprise

Lift me up, standing straight again

Facing toward the northern sky


Growing's not just wasted on the young ones

We all grow older helplessly

Now that river's running through what was once me and you

Save the last tear for me

And in the morning when you travel down that highway

Chasing whatever sets you free

Think of all we had and how it all turned bad

And save the last tear for me (chorus)


She's staring out that old cracked kitchen window

To that river longingly

Come morning she'll be gone, come time to carry on

Save the last tear for me


8- Mesa Moon

Took that old highway to anywhere but here

Where my wheels were headed, I didn’t know

Drove ‘round in wasted dreams, slept behind the wheel

Woke up in a moon-lit summer field



Sweet Mesa Moon high above the night

Burning like a beacon blinding my eyes

Another constellation goes slowly rolling by

Can’t get that Mesa Moon out of my mind


Been running with the devil but he’s no friend of mine

He just seems to follow everywhere I go

We’re gonna chase the Mesa Moon ‘cross every county line

from New England to the Gulf of Mexico



Broke down on the highway, hey honey can ya spare a ride ?

Been burning from the rays of old high noon

Thirsty, hot and stranded on the lonesome roadside

Take me to the light of Mesa Moon

Sweet Mesa Moon


Moon shadow on the highway this old day is gone

No time to rest, gotta keep movin’ on

Somewhere down that highway is somewhere I wanna be

but it keeps moving further away from me



9- Carry Some Lovin’

Broken down, broken up

that’s all I’ll ever be

There’s gotta be some way my love

to bring you back home to me



Over the mountain

High above the sea

Please come home my woman

Carry some lovin’ to me


There’s a distant hum beyond the hills

must be the rumbling of a train

I won’t rest until I hear

your sweet voice whispering my name 



Crusty eyes, dusty shoes

Rusted tears, broken blues

Ragged clothes, hungry heart

A little piece of me goes missing

every day we’re apart



10- Freedom

August fifth of ninety three was when they locked me in

Yesterday they set me free, I paid for all my sins

For all those years I lived inside a filthy cage

Brother, that can really make you age


Down and out when I was young I stole a .22

Did some things against the law, did what I had to do

They took me down to see the judge, he threw the book at me

Locked me away and swallowed up the key



Sun’s hot, sky’s blue

I need someone to get me through

May she be so pretty....make me forget


I got a job but it pays like shit, today I’ll see my kid

But every letter that he wrote kept asking what I did

I got no time for worry, too much time is dead

And worry just messes with your head



Sun’s hot, Sky’s blue I need someone to get me through

May she be so pretty, make me forget

Wasted years inside a cell of stone-cold walls, a living hell

Those days are done but I ain’t finished yet


Chestnut hair, dark brown eyes is all I wanna know

The old motel just down the road is where I wanna go

‘Cause right now I could use the touch of your warm, tender skin

to ease my mind and fix the shape I’m in 



11- Holdin’ On

She’s been holdin’ on

She’s been holdin’ loose

One hand got the golden egg

One hand got the goose

She knows a dying love

can never be exhumed

She spends the morning waiting

in a darkened room



For the rain to die

For the sun to burn

To warm the better days

when they return


He’s been working hard

Said he’s working late

He’s got one foot in the fire

one foot out the gate

The truth is all he needs

the truth he can’t tell

He knows it’s in the garden

waiting in the well



She’s been holdin’ on

Now she’s holdin’ tight

With both hands on the carousel

she holds with all her might

She wants everything

back where it belongs

It seems she’s been waiting

a little bit too long