Nothing Like a New CD

It's always exciting to release a CD but there's something about Afterimage that takes it up another level. For a couple of reasons: One, I can't believe I've been doing this for so long! Part of the process of making this CD was reviewing all of the songs I've written. So I found myself revisiting 8 albums realizing each represented a chunk of time and a period in our lives. They (like children or old photos) are a way of (quickly) marking time. So it's great to mark this period with an album of favorites cut with Bob, Tom and Pat.

Second, this record wasn't really even supposed to have been made (at this time.)

Let me explain:

Two summers ago I was writing a lot of new material (with a plan to record that fall) and stored all the lyrics, guitar and/or piano licks etc. on my new iphone. One day when I was backing up the data (to be responsible...go figure...) I must have done something wrong because all of the data was erased. Enough material for a new album. Gone. Forever...

In the hope of somehow retrieving the lost data I spent hours on the phone with Apple techs and even hired a hot-shot tech on the west coast. However I was told it was impossible. My bandmates and friends asked why I simply couldn't start "remembering" the material. I explained my writing process which includes one very important ingredient: Forgetting what I've written. In other words when I come up with an idea the essence is recorded and filed away. I consciously try and forget the idea hoping when I revisit, the idea will be fresh. And if I like the idea, it gets developed into a song. So "remembering" was out of the question.

To say the least that digital disaster was just that. Digital AND a complete disaster. While I was brooding I recalled an interview with Michael Marciano, a wonderful writer who was the editor of a local paper at the time. Michael came to our home and conducted a really cool interview. During the course of the conversation I said something that stuck with me after I said it. Something along the lines of "I love my band so much that someday I'd like to take them into the studio and record a (kind of) "Best Of" with acoustic instruments..."

So...Here we are. Afterimage was born and I'm VERY happy it was. Even if those "unknown" songs had to be sacrificed. And, the truly happy ending is we will be in the studio in the fall recording a brand new album! Because new songs have arrived!! KM