Afterimage Disc # 1: 1- Standin' Still 2- Cold Winds 3- A Little Time 4- Lazy Afternoon 5- High & On Empty 6- Anna Lee 7- Trade Winds 8- My Friend 9- Wooden Room 10- Higher Ground 11- Spinning Wheel 12- Twister 13- Have it That Way 14- Baby it's Me 15- Moonlight Meadow Song

1 - Standin’ Still

Tell me where we go from here

This road has got so many veins

On every one’s a voice

A different choice

Who am I to have the reins ? 

How many miles left to go ?

How many cities must we burn ?

Down so many streets we roll

They take their toll

no matter where you turn 

Answers written all around

Not sure they’re a sign

Guess the only way to tell

Is find a wishing well

And wish the truth would shine 

Spinning wheels deep in the mud

Whining like a dying drill

Working just to get unstuck

With a little luck

We’ll climb the coming hill



Can you feel it ?

In the morning chill

Are we moving really slow

Or simply standing still ?

Those small bats darting all around

Against black and pale moonlight

Spinning through infinity

Stirs the ghosts in me

That try to haunt the night 

Guess I wish I knew the way

If I did I’d take you there

We’d pop champagne in the street

Turn the bitter sweet

And toast in old Times Square (Chorus)


Morning light here’s what we need

A little break along the way

Anything to shine the light

Make the it worth the fight

And get us through the day 

Shattered pieces everywhere

Looking for their rightful place

Anything to make them fit

Let me know,  I’ll do it

We’ll fix this broken space (Chorus)


2 - Cold Winds


Got the word, it wasn’t good


It knocked me down from where I stood


It’s never easy, It’s never fair

Sometimes it helps to act like you don’t care  


My baby cries, I scratch my head


Was it something I said ?


I don’t know, lost my mind


Can’t find no rhythm, ain’t got no time 




La, la, la, la, la,


That’s just the way things go


La, la, la, la ,la


And then the cold winds blow




Honey love if I had more time


I’d fix you up and make you mine


Put you on a pedestal


I’d bring red roses and daffodils


But honey love don’t let me bleed


Not when you got more than I need


I need you bad, I need you now


I can’t keep swimming I don’t know how




The curtain’s drawn the lights are dim


I’m all alone... no, not again


I don’t know how this can go on


My will is broken, my spirit’s gone 


Come light the fire, come light the way


Illuminate the words I say


I need the warmth I need the sun


I can’t believe the time that’s gone



3 - A Little Time

It was written so fine you read every line

I need a little time

Now you’re down on your knees like you have a disease

You need a little time


You read every word and thought most were absurd

They said “Babe, I need a little time”

Dumb ones in rows fell like dominos

This will take a little time


The car spit the bit I think I’m gonna lose it

I need a little time

So many parts tell me where do you start

I need a little time


And the pipes froze through, not sure what to do

I need a little time

It’s twenty below and the water won’t flow

This will take a little time


The storm wrecked the road can’t transport the load

I need a little time

The city’s grid-locked and all the exits are blocked

I need a little time 

The train engineer said "we're not even near..." 

I need a little time


They closed Boston town to let the nuts run around

This will take a little time


The governor was caught doing things that he fought and said

“I need a little time”

He was pro-hanging tree now it’s “anybody but me”

He needs a little time


I heard that you died I did nothing but cry

I need a little time

The worst you can get is to live with regret

Need a little time


Too many days in a mirrored maze

Time for some fun someone call in the sun

But the sun burned a hole right through the North Pole

The weather is weird and all the crops disappeared

I need a little time 


4 - Lazy Afternoon

Now once upon a time they handed down my wings.  I learned to fly

up above most anything.  Then came the wind, pushed me toward the

sun. Didn’t wanna burn, just wanna have some fun 


I’m headin’ down on a lazy afternoon.  I can be found

by the green lagoon.  Please run with me & make love in the dune.

On a lazy afternoon


Late at night somewhere deep inside a dream

A fantasy ain’t always what it seems.  Sometimes you get shot down,

and left to die, just another fool who came falling  from the sky (chorus)


Stop...What’s that creepin’ in?  That smoke just lit us up again

The tiki torches are burning bright.  There are a million stars in sight

Let the music stir your soul and babe lose all control (chorus)


5 - High & On Empty

It was written on the wall

In invisible ink

Trying not to fall

But it gets slippery on the brink

Can anything be done?

Maybe a magic pill to take

Are we having fun?

Are you still awake?


Another tipsy turn

Left rubber on the road

You’d a thought you learned

But nobody knows another’s load

Too many bones in there

Someone’s try and kill the light

We need fresh air

And the sky is white


Flying high and on empty

Someone better bring it down slow, slow

Flying blind and on empty

Haven’t landed since a long time ago


Now that you are gone

And the clouds has cleared

You never know the trip you’re on

Until it disappears

Your dreams were what you wanted

And that’s all you’d let us see

Now those dreams are haunted

I think they’re chasing me (chorus)


So away you go

On a warm spring wind

Next time around skip skid row

You’ve already been

The morning bird’s awoken

Hear her when she sings

Not a word is spoken

It’s worth imagining (chorus)


Now everything has changed

And that’s the way it goes

You know it feels so strange

The rush and chill cuts right down to your toes

That warm spring wind blew quiet

Took you on your way

Like a half-stoned pirate

On the rolling bay (chorus)


6 - Anna Lee

Rode the trail high on the misty mountain

The one that led so low down to the sea

Tossed a coin into an ancient fountain

Said a little prayer and then a plea

All drenched in blood and sweat and booze from grinding

There’s not much to show these days for hopelessness

You know one too many losses then the heartache and the struggles

Can take you down the road to bitterness 


Anna Lee

Anna Lee

When will you ride in and rescue me

Is it real ?

Or just a dream   

Add the fire and the ice and watch it steam


Don’t it sometimes feel just like you’re fading

No control and things keep sliding down

Anything you need to do you do to ease the pain

You gotta pull your head above ‘fore you drown 


Anna Lee

Anna Lee

When will you ride in and rescue me

Come and bake bread

Come and ease my head (warm my bed)

You’re the only one, come set me free


This old stallion limping on it’s last leg

A smoking engine on it’s final breath

Wallowing and wondering “oh what might have been”

You better lose that load and try a little tenderness (Repeat both choruses) 


7 - Trade Winds

Too many things are changing fast

Just like the trade winds

The old dog’s gone and so is Ma

And it’s hard to lose a friend

It seems my lucky dice are frozen

Trapped inside mid-air

There’s a faint fine line

Between outlook and despair


I’m not sure just how you do it

But sweet music saves my mind

It can keep you cool in the summer sun

And warm in winter time 

But like so many other things

We forget to know

And once you think you lost it...


8 - My Friend

Running through the woods bounding down the hill

Into the river dive, no worry of the chill

Swim across the current to the other side

I can see you anytime I close my eyes

We all need a little lovin’ and that’s for sure

And if we ever get it we want a little more

Now gone’s the bond of man’s best friend

I’m wondering if a broken heart can mend


There was no path we’d fail to climb

You would take the lead I’d follow close behind

You’d circle back just to let me know you’re there

Then you’d turn and leap and go running on the air

Out on a stony shore on the Island sound

You made my life boy you never let me down

Every second precious, no sense of time

All the joy that you gave, I keep it in my mind 


Ride shotgun now with windows down

Until we meet again

Miss you my friend...


I never really faced it I’m not that strong

I just move around the pieces ‘til the puzzle comes along

But every time I think about the way you’d look at me

A dagger cuts my heart, I smile helplessly

No prints in sand, can’t find them in the snow

I’ll never get used to it, never let you go

I heard you in the room, thought I saw you in the yard

Love is what makes letting go so hard 


Go running young through endless fields

We’ll meet around the bend

Miss you my friend


There’s no mistaking loyalty

You gave every second you gave blindly

I never felt worthy I was just a man

Trying to be present while making other plans

You made us safe, you made us whole

You rounded off the edge and you gave us soul

Now gone’s the bond of man’s best friend

I’m wondering if a broken heart can mend



Ride shotgun now with windows down

Until we meet again

Miss you my friend

Go running young through endless fields

We’ll meet around the bend

Miss you my friend...My friend


9 - Wooden Room

Many a day as I pass the time I hear the sound of strings

Cutting through my consciousness and blocking everything

Dreaming of a quiet tune and a simple melody

Many days, oh...many days

In a wooden room inside the of glass

A man can sit for many days and time will never pass

In a wooden rocking chair slowly keeping time

Many days, many days...

Many long nights as I lie awake I hear the sound of keys

Jingling in the hallways of my memory

Longing for another sign to change the course of me

Many days, many days... (Chorus)


Many long nights as I close my eyes I hear the harmony

Singing like a Mourning Dove and taking hold of me

Listening for that lonely voice singing full of hope...

Many days, many days...(Chorus)


10 - Higher Ground

Howling wind in your ears

Daylight disappears

Walking in the rain

With your face against the night

Black and blue in solitude

And wondering what to do

Do you lay and lick your wounds

Or stand and fight


Heavy breath in heavy sky

Another day gone by

The evening offers quietude 

A chance to get some rest

But you’re so much in a bind

With too much on your mind

And tomorrow always brings

another test... 


Anytime the rumbling begins

Anytime  the winds comes blowing in

Gotta come around and head for higher ground

Anytime the a storm comes closing in

Anytime the heavy rains begin

You’re the only one around

who can lead to higher ground


On and on the story goes

Sure as the north wind blows

Every day’s another struggle

Just to keep above the tide

You cast your shadow on the street

That burns beneath your feet

And fight to-the-death

to reach the other side (Chorus)


Howling wind in your ear

Daylight disappears

Walking in the rain with your face

Against the night

We put so much at stake

It’s tough to bend but never break

We’ll do anything it takes

to be alright  (Chorus)


11 - Spinning Wheel

Time to get up, time to get out

Gotta get there no time to eat

Hop in a cab, jump in a train

Just made it in, there’s not any seats

First you dig in then you dig out

Go and toe your end of the of the line

Give ‘em your blood, give em’ some more

What about me? There’s not enough time 


Round and round

Goes the spinning wheel

Step up, take a number

Come and make a deal

Toss the dice

Do a lucky dance

There’s no way you’re gonna win it

If you never take a chance


Aim for the top, aim for the sky

Ask for no reason given no rhyme

Clawing your way day after day

Believing the summit’s worth the climb

Many a hand have died on their way

Seeking fortune all of their lives

Follow a quest all the way to the end

No matter the cost no matter the price (Chorus)


Time to punch out, time to come down

Try to stay alive in the street

Go with the flow, ride on the waves

Hanging all ten and keeping the beat

Flying on fumes, running on hope

Losing breath, losing steam

Building it up, knocking it down

Barely alive in the name of the dream (Chorus)


There’s gotta be more, there’s gotta be life

There’s gotta be love, there’s gotta be light

There’s gotta be hope, gotta be fear

Gotta be black, gotta be white

Gonna be sun, gonna be rain

Gonna be cold, gonna be hot

Gonna be ups, gonna be downs

Gonna be sages, gonna be clowns (Chorus)


12 - Twister

Been down this road so many times I don’t read the signs

Just gotta keep my wheels inside the lines

Kinda feels like flying, sometimes even blind

Got too many thoughts trapped in my old mind 


There’s a twister blowing through the field

Some poor fool’s fate is good as sealed

Get me back on the road, back behind the wheel

keep wasting time thinking ‘bout the way I feel


Just stepped in some quicksand, think I’m goin’ down

Screaming for mercy but no one hears a sound

Kinda feels like sinking, getting swallowed by ground

Don’t look for me honey... I don’t wanna be found



The radio’s playing... some old tired tune

Black smoke and ashes hide away the moon

The wind’s dying, daybreak will be soon

Gotta go and get some water, believe I better buy a broom



13 - Have it That Way

I was done with love, all disconnected

Man, I had it all down pat

You flew right down and picked me up

And stole my heart just like that

That was then and this is now

It was so many moons ago

And here you still believe in me

I know, I know, I know... 



I saw you just once

That was all that it took

You know right away

When you’re caught on the hook

The reason I knew

That was okay

I knew what I wanted

And had to have it that way


Standing on an ocean’s shore

Lighthouse blinking day and night

I don’t even know what I want anymore

I just want everything to be alright

I wake up at night, can’t sleep again

Branches scraping on the window panes

They move and groove with the whims of the wind

And wake the ghosts in my brain (Chorus)


Walking through the morning mist

Waiting on sweet words to sing

There must be a way to say

To me your love means everything

Like the rhythm of the sea

We’re dancing partners you and me

There’s no place else I rather be

No way not possibly (Chorus)

14 - Baby It’s Me

Woke up in the morning all tangled in the sheets

Dreamt someone had stolen my soul

Crawled out of bed took a drag to ease my head

fell down a bottomless hole

Finally hit the floor, couldn’t take it anymore

buzzing like a big old honey bee it’s me


So then I picked up all the pieces to put ‘em back again

but still had some left in my hands

Tried to force ‘em in and it all came tumbling down again

didn’t know what to do so I ran

Now I’m running one step late caught up in the fate

of all those things you never foresee it’s me



Down, down in a valley so low

Can’t stop thinking of where I wanna go

Somewhere the breeze blows warm and the days move.... slow....


She’s such a pretty thing man, wonder what she’s like

There’s only some things you need to know

Does her soul sing by  the early morning light ?

or melt by the warm fire glow

Don’t wanna worry, don’t wanna hurt

I only wanna be where I wanna it’s me (chorus) 


Kill the light, sleep tight, guess you’re calling it a night

It feels so early to me

You don’t get much time ‘fore your past your prime

so down and out ain’t where I wanna be

The moon’s hanging high in the early morning sky

and I could use a little it’s me


15 - Moonlight Meadow Song

The leaves are dying fast ‘neath September’s cold skies

October winds blow, they cut loose and fly

We’re holding our breath with everything they say

On every t.v. and news stand at the start of the day

Seems like everybody’s changing or maybe it’s me

Most of who I knew ain’t who they used to be

There’s a loner alone at a table for one

He’s always bitching and complaining that he never has fun



Some night when the stars are out

Meet me in the moonlit meadow

Free from all reality

Sing with me

That moonlight meadow song


There’s a child and he’s walking down a long dirt road

From the school house he carries all the things he’s been told

While the birds of prey circle above the old hill

There’s a drunkard in a tavern who brags of a kill

I’m knocking three times on the ceiling above

But you say you ain’t got time for casual love

Love got you once, love got you twice

Now love’s got your heart all crushed in a vise (Chorus)


One more enemy is circling over my head

If he cuts it any closer someone’s gonna be dead

But I ain’t got no heart, ain’t got no guts

I’m too busy trying to pull my ass out of a rut

They say a storm’s coming, one we’ll never forget

So keep pushing honey or you’re gonna get wet

I can’t say why, all the things I do

Don’t make me try and pull me closer to you (chorus)


I couldn’t possibly be moving at the speed they said

With all the busy thoughts I got running around in my head

And I don’t need you coming on to me if

If you don’t see me dying I don’t know what you see

Old Ed ain’t living down my road anymore

Last night they called his number up to heaven’s sweet door

He was the last of the old folks, last of a breed

And now there’s no one around togrow us the food that we need (chorus)